Elisabeth is a Denver based artist specializing in

Large scale paintings, collage, installation art, and workshops.

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Artist Statement 


As a child I spent most of my time in the backyard, immersing and entangling myself in the leaves, branches, grasses, and flowers. I would create forest-like micro environments to hide out in, and endlessly study the details of plant life, wondering how anything could be so naturally perfect. My obsession with creating these detailed environments became my way of curating an escaped reality from the every day built environment. 


To this day, I can’t walk by a perfect flower or succulent without stopping in awe to appreciate its natural beauty. I find myself most moved and surprised by nature, and I hope to bring these same emotions to the surface for the viewer in my work. Through collage, I attempt to connect individuals to the perfection of nature, and to evoke the same feeling of awe I experience as an observer of the natural world. 

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Elisabeth is a Denver based artist working in collage, large scale paintings, murals, and installation art. With a background in oil painting at CU Boulder (BA 2014), Baker transitioned into installation through becoming a display artist for Anthropologie and creating seasonal window installations (2014-2020). Elisabeth has since done freelance installation projects, commissioned collage work, large scale paintings, and murals. After completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training (2016), Baker developed a workshop format that teaches yogic principles through visual art.