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releasing August 4th

I'm so excited to finally share these pieces with you ✨

The collection will be released to my email list on August 3rd, and will go live to the rest of the public on August 4th at 8 am MDT. The in person show will be held on the evening of August 4th in Denver, Colorado.

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In this collection of paintings, I delve into the profound relationship between the natural world and the human experience, using the theme of "Nature as a Portal" as a conceptual framework. My artistic journey takes me on a quest to capture nature's transformative power, its ability to transport us to a realm beyond the ordinary, and to evoke emotions and sensations that resonate deep within our souls.
In a world often filled with distractions and disconnection from the natural world, my paintings serve as a reminder of the beauty, awe, and balance that nature can provide. They invite us to slow down and to reconnect with the elemental forces that surround us. They remind us that through nature, we can find solace, inspiration, and a gateway to our true selves.


In Person show

P O R T A L S ✨

A duo exhibition with the ever talented, Jessi Von. Together, we are delighted to present our latest bodies of work- both inspired by the theme of "Nature as a Portal." The show will be held in the heart of the Santa Fe Art's District at SKYLIGHT. Carpool, or better yet- bike or uber! This event is rather lively and parking is limited! 

Location: SKYLIGHT 

833 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204


In Person show: August 4th, 5:30-9 pm

Online Release: August 4th, 8 am MDT

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