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30” x 30” 


Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas.


I titled this piece "Exploration" as a representation of the process itself. Instead of having an image in mind for what I want the final piece to look like, I'm letting the paint, pastel, and colored pencils speak for themselves. I'm allowing the brushes make the strokes they are meant to make, and letting intuition be my guide.


The colors and brushstrokes in this piece are representative of my biggest inspiration - the natural world. It's hard to not feel alive when surrounded by plants and trees, which is why green is such an important color throughout my work. The mossy greens and soft pinks used in this painting are indicative of the forest and spring flowers waiting to bloom, while the brushstrokes echo the natural patterns of wood.

Comes unframed. Painted edges.


Signed on the front and dated on back.



    What customers are saying

    "Such a pleasure purchasing my new art piece from Elisabeth! Great quality framing and BEAUTIFUL artwork- I’m so in love with my new piece. Thank you!!"
    -Jaclyn C
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