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36” x 36” 


Acrylic on Canvas.


This piece was inspired by my favorite thing to do when I'm at the ocean- search for seashells and sea glass. I'm always drawn to the small, beautiful details of any given place/landscape. While I do enjoy the breathtaking horizon that the ocean offers, I find myself with my head buried in the shore- searching for surprises. This piece is part of a new body of work made up of acrylic abstract paintings. The inspiration for the work was the human connection to the natural world, and the emotions we experience from interacting with and honoring our home, the earth.

Comes unframed. Painted edges.


Signed on the front and dated on back.

Sea Glass


    What customers are saying

    "Such a pleasure purchasing my new art piece from Elisabeth! Great quality framing and BEAUTIFUL artwork- I’m so in love with my new piece. Thank you!!"
    -Jaclyn C
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