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10" x 10" 


Acrylic painting on wood panel.


"Self Care" was made for a show at The Medusa Collective called "Minis" which displayed dozens of 10" x 10" works. I originally planned on submitting a collage. I was really pleased with the collage that had come to be, but when I went to glue it down- it became warped, ripped, and ruined. I decided to scrap the original collage and spent the whole weekend painting the image. I titled the piece "Self Care" because that is what time spent in nature is for me, but I believe it took on a double meaning when I spent many more hours painting, as that is also a form of self care. 


Comes unframed. Painted edges. 


Signed on the font, and dated on the back

Self Care


    What customers are saying

    "Such a pleasure purchasing my new art piece from Elisabeth! Great quality framing and BEAUTIFUL artwork- I’m so in love with my new piece. Thank you!!"
    -Jaclyn C
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