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Visual Vinyasa

Collage workshops


collage workshops



Through creating collage art, participants will tap into the meditative properties that the process of making art has. Whether connecting to each other in a private social setting, or working with a theme in a corporate setting, the workshop leaves participants feeling inspired and refreshed.  


The Sanskrit word Vinyasa translates to "to place in a special way."


Similar to a yoga practice, where one places their body with intention to create a pose,

collage is a practice in which each element is placed mindfully on the page to create a greater composition. 

Step-by-step instruction

I share my 3 step collage formula that I use in my collage process.


This helps participants feel like they are walking away with a framable piece of art as opposed to a school project.  


-Vintage coffee table books and magazines

-Heavyweight watercolor paper to act as the base of the collage

-pigmentent papers


-glue & scissors

Art Workshop

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Wondering what this process might look like for your group? Let's start the conversation about creating the perfect workshop package for you.

"Elisabeth led a Visual Vinyasa workshop for 30+ college students who are a part of a leadership development program at our organization. Not only did this give the students the opportunity to reflect on their own lives, it also gave us as coordinators something engaging and motivating for our students to work on in a virtual environment. We couldn't be more happy with Elisabeth's artistic perspective, professionalism, and enthusiasm for the work she does!"

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