Corporate Packages
Whether in person or virtually, this workshop serves as a unique team building creative experience. Visual Vinyasa is a space to explore a wide range of completely customizable topics such as mindfulness, company mission, transitions, and more. All materials are included .

a meditative process...

Visual Vinyasa

Collage workshops
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collage workshops

Workshops for retreats, special occasions, and simply expressing creativity

Private Packages
Visual Vinyasa is available for private parties such as birthdays, small businesses, holiday parties, bridal showers, and more. With a private workshop, we are able to explore any themes the group would like! Workshops can take place in person in the greater Denver area, or virtually via zoom. It is perfect to celebrate and create with groups who are spread out all over the country. All materials are included .

Why Collage? and How is it related to meditation?

The Sanskrit word Vinyasa translates to


                      "to place in a special way"

Similar to a yoga practice, where one places their body with intention to create a pose,

collage is a practice in which each element is placed mindfully on the page to create a greater composition. Using intention and mindfulness during this process allows us to more easily access intention in other  areas of life. 


This practice guides participants to focus on the challenge at hand, and the present moment through creativity. The creative and engaged mind can then be free to take a break from the laundry list of to-do’s, and the stressful triggers we tend to focus on with normal daily activity. The practice of collage will leave participants with new insights and feeling at peace. 

Following a specific set of guidelines, workshop participants will:

  • tap into a meditative state by challenging the mind to create an aesthetically pleasing composition

  • create life intention and manifestation with the subject matter of their choosing 

  • take home a custom art piece that reminds the artist of their works' intention, and that mindfulness can be practiced in everything

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