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  • 30” x 40”  
  • Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas.
  • Comes unframed. Painted edges.
  • SHIPPING AVAILABLE-comes carefully packed to arrive safely at your home


This piece draws inspiration from the beauty and awe-inspiring power of water. As I witnessed an exceptionally rainy season in Denver, I thought about the role water plays in the natural world and its impact on the environment as a whole. For me, water signifies fluidity, perpetual motion, and nourishment. “Liquify” was created to the sound of rainfall, and serves as a visual representation of water's power to be life giving and sustaining.


The brushstrokes used are similar to the quality of water in that they are free flowing and unmanipulated. They move accross and flow down the canvas- just as a stream moves down a mountain, or ocean waves crash at the shoreline


From the PORTALS collection:


In this collection of paintings, I delve into the profound relationship between the natural world and the human experience, using the theme of "Nature as a Portal" as a conceptual framework. My artistic journey takes me on a quest to capture nature's transformative power, its ability to transport us to a realm beyond the ordinary, and to evoke emotions and sensations that resonate deep within our souls.


In a world often filled with distractions and disconnection from the natural world, my paintings serve as a reminder of the beauty, awe, and balance that nature can provide. They invite us to slow down and to reconnect with the elemental forces that surround us, reminding us that through nature- we can find solace, inspiration, and a gateway to our true selves.



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    What customers are saying

    "Such a pleasure purchasing my new art piece from Elisabeth! Great quality framing and BEAUTIFUL artwork- I’m so in love with my new piece. Thank you!!"
    -Jaclyn C
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